Simple Minifig Customizations

From the late 70s to the mid 80s, LEGO minifigs were all given the same "classic" smiley face. Nowadays minifigs are made with all sorts of different faces which allow you to give your minifigs a more distinctive character. But many feel that LEGO has gone a little overboard, creating faces for certain themes that don't cross over well to other themes. This is where the simple customizations, such as the ones presented here can come in handy. I don't claim these to all be original ideas for customs, and there are a lot nicer examples of more extensive minifig customizations out there, but these are some relatively easy ones that can be accomplished with just some X-acto knife scraping and an occasional stroke or two from a Sharpie pen. The only particular accomplishment here, is that I've finally found a good use for "Timmy" heads...

It's hard to make those witch heads useful for anything besides, well, witches... that is until you scrape off her hair and eyebrows to get a good ol' village idiot head.

How much tougher is this cowboy without the goofy sideburns?

LEGO has really gone way beyond overboard with all those printed-on facial microphones. Yuck.

I wonder if there's a LEGO minifig designer out there who actually has striped sideburns... probably has a microphone glued to his face, too.  @8-)

It's nice to have a more generic angry face.


Removing this ninja's funky headband gives you a nice serious guy face.

Loss of the headband gives us a surly face fit for a minimum-wage McDonalds employee.

The Bat King's a little hard to work with, but at least here's a sad rather than angry Bat King.

This guys still looks pretty freaky, but without the slanted eyebrows maybe he won't always immediately be pegged as evil.

Who knew? Lose that hair and Timmy makes for a cute redhead girl!

For this slightly more involved custom, the horns of the native American bison hat have been cut off and the hair made into a black afro with a Sharpie.

What's with those striped sideburns, anyhow? A fresh shave yields a versatile old man head.

Though it's hard to get this face to look anything but goofy,here's a variation featuring bug-eyes instead of glasses, and a bushy mustache with no beard.

I didn't realize how cool this guy's face was until I got rid of the headband.

A change of eyebrows turns a Fright Knight into a grunge band stoner.

Or drop the freckles for a cute brunette! Wow, I'll never burn another Timmy head again! (Well, don't hold me to that.) @8-)

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