Redbeard's Home

Captain Redbeard has certainly had his share of adventures on the high seas, but some of his favorite times have been those quieter moments he's spent at this picturesque ocean side retreat he had built for himself, his wife, and his dad.

Redbeard's been trying to come up with a good name for this place... kind of like how Elvis had Graceland...

The hand-sewn flag was a birthday gift from Mrs. Redbeard.

Here she reflects on past adventures and considers what to do for dinner.

Among his dad's mementos is the skeleton of former arch-rival, Admiral Block.

His first thought was "Bootyland", but his wife objected to that one.

They're still waiting for that damn mail-order furniture to arrive.

The downstairs of this building is a tavern where Redbeard's crew likes to hang out.

Redbeard's Jewish... who knew? Oh, wait, that's not a Star of David. Never mind.

It's small, but when you're used to a ship's cramped quarters, this feels like a sprawling mansion.

Mrs. Redbeard, a cunning an experienced pirate in her own right, likes to relax on the gazebo.

Upstairs is Redbeard's dad's apartment.

Too much grog.

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