Christmas Stuff

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

What to my wondering eyes should appear...

One time while Santa was going around the monorail track, he somehow derailed and landed on top of the LEGO strip club that my girlfriend had built.

The Iceman:carved out of a glacier by a crew of forty minifigs, then transported into the city.

Safety conditions here are terrible, and the disastrous strike of '99 did nothing to better the situation.

...but a monorail sleigh and de-antlered reindeer.

This solid-brick LEGO Christmas tree weighed about six pounds.

By week's end it had melted and caused flood conditions throughout the metropolitan area.

This minimalist snowman sculpture was created by artiste Pierre LeChouette.

Don't try to stop him; he's on a mission from God.

Minifig-scale snowman.

The elf sweatshop. Here we see two elves enjoying their daily five minute break.

It recently sold on eBay for over $4,000,000.

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