LEGO Tower

When it first opened in February 1939, The LEGO Tower was, for a brief moment in history, the tallest building in the world. Due to hasty and overzealous construction, however, the original spire fell off after only 3 weeks. A new spire, half the height of the original, but more ornate, and structurally sound was built the next year. Originally all-gray, the tower's distinctive colors were added in the late 1960s. The revolving restaurant at the top opened in 1980.

Look, it's a yellow and red skyscraper!

It changes color! That's incredible!

The imposing view from the street below.

The skeletal remains of some long-ago suicides are reflected in the building's shiny surface.

Bob the security guard has been working on the observation deck since the tower first opened. Some say he's so old he can't move his arms or legs.


It's always nice when the top hat and breastplate look comes back into fashion.

Businessmen at the side entrance laugh to themselves as they contemplate their vast fortunes.

What's this? A silhouetted figure ascends the sheer face of LEGO Tower, stealthy and unnoticed.

Rock Dude works up on the thirty-second floor. He's too big for the elevators, though, so he has to climb the side of the building.

All of the inner floors are made of glass, so you can see everything below.
How about that.

Gotta love those skeletal reflections.

Or wait... it's blue and yellow!

As you can see, at 8'6", the LEGO Tower is four inches taller than even me.

Perhaps the building's most distinctive feature, the decorative spire reaches toward the heavens.

A photo snapped by a passing biplane.

You can almost see Enfield, CT, from up here.

The elegant Revolvo Cafe is a four star restaurant serving the smallest of portions at highest of prices.

In broad daylight... what's this city coming to? a homeless man, cold and hungry, robbed of his job and his dignity, is ignored as he begs for coins nearby.

Mercenary on a quest for vengeance? Or just some guy who fell out the window at the office costume party?

It's kind of a pain, so he's considering getting out of advertising and looking for a job - maybe at a gas station or something.


Me just before karate chopping the LEGO Tower in two Ralph Macchio style.

Now it's blue and black!

It's lunchtime and businessmen head out for a meal that will cost more than most minifigs make in a week.

A view downward from the very top.

The observation deck is a popular tourist destination for those who can't afford the restaurant above.

The deck's waist-level safety gates prevent several would-be midget suicides per year.

Tonight's menu features Creme de la Trout served in a rich moss gravy.

Oblivious, a mom drags her screaming kids back home from the mall.

The back entrance is for deliveries only please.

A janitor once tried to clear these two skeletons off the ledges. That's his skeleton on the ledge down below.

The abandoned front entrance during renevations of 1970.

Spire detail.

That's all folks.


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