Space Pirates

The scourge of the intergalactic traders, the Space Pirates traverse deep space in search of unsuspecting cargo ships and poorly defended outposts. They space pillage and they space loot, but not so much for the space booty as for the love of the space pirate lifestyle.

Seen here are two of the space pirates larger vessels, the speedy Bloodspiller and the flagship Bootyshaker.

With his cybernetic space goggles, Lookout Jim can peer one light-year into the distance.

It takes decades of training to be able to pilot a ship like this. Or in Buck Fisk's case, just a week and an oversized brain.

An alien pirate from Quadrant 5 watches of a chest of Space Booty.

It's modified XQ-9000 engines provide speeds of up to subWarp 17.5.

Several navy officers have defected to a seek a more rewarding life with the space pirates.

Scout boats stay ahead of the larger ships and watch for potential victims -- as well as keep an eye out for the Imperial Armada.

The Bootyshaker is the space pirate command ship and has a full load-out of 8 space cannons.

Black Dog Murphy likes to fire his space cannon on the hour whether he's got a target or not.

A complex radar system allows the pirates to listen in on the conversations of passing ships... and get free HBO.

Some think that flying giant pirate flags hurts their chances of a successful sneak attack. These people have no idea what it means to be a pirate.

The dedicated crew can prepare for boarding in matter of moments.

There's just so much space looting to be done these days, that most ships are teeming with eager new pirates.

So if you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire...

The crew of 34 pirates is on constant alert.

They say Captain Spacebeard is half-man, half-machine, and half-crazy.

Each space pirate vessel is equipped with a Rowbot should the main engines fail at any time.

The Bloodspiller is a converted freighter kindly "donated" by the Universal Mining Corporation.

A reviled admiral of the Galactic Royal Naval is made to walk the space gangplank.

Spacebeard is considering implementing standardized testing for new recruits, just to thin out the ranks.

...the Space Pirates!

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