Mountain of Evil

The snow-peaked Mt. Evil was named long ago for its treacherously steep cliff walls which have claimed many a victim among those fool enough to try to scale its height, but now its name has become even more apt as the mountain has become the holder of a secret which could spell certain doom for all minifigs everywhere.

Looking almost serene when viewed from a distance, few would suspect the evil that lurks just under the surface.

Though none have reached the peak alive.

Egads! The entire mountain has been hollowed-out to form a secret base!

A bird thought long extinct sits atop Mt. Evil and scans the scene below for prey.

The northern ascent is the steepest of all.

A henchman goon guards the secret entrance.

For some reason horses never seem to have any trouble getting up or down the mountain.

For as long as anyone can remember, people have tried to scale Mt. Evil.

Hmm? What's this? A secret doorway?

It is here that the diabolical Commodore Insane plots our doom.

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