Church of Evil

Although it's sat on the outskirts of town for perhaps a hundred years, little is known about the mysterious Church of Evil. Few have ventured inside, and most minifigs scurry quickly past if their path takes them by it at all. Recent investigations by both Scully & Mulder of the X-Files and the crew from the Mystery Machine on Scooby Doo have come up inconclusive.

The church's soaring steeple is topped by four lightning rods.

In the dead of night, on each new moon, monks have been observed heading to the church for some kind of ritual ceremony.

The side windows are also of stained glass, and also presumed quite evil.

A small graveyard holds the final resting places of Fred, Daphne, Velma, Shaggy, and Scooby.

Despite its initial pleasing appearance, it is presumed that the design of this stained glass window is somehow very evil.

The wizard priest prepares a gruesome animal sacrifice. Either that or dinner.

Its dark and sinister nature has kept many from appreciating the building's finer aesthetic points.

A silver rock that rests atop the steeple emits a brilliant light when the church is stuck by lightning.

Don't be sad - I was just joking about Scooby and the gang being dead. Really.


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