LEGO Chess

I'm not really much of a chess player myself, but it's certainly a nice looking game. I was inspired after seeing a chess set in the LEGO Idea Book - it's one of the few things in there I thought I could actually pull off. I had to order lots of tiles from LEGO bulk, but I think my set came out even nicer than it's inspiration, so it's all good.

I thought I'd ordered enough black and white tiles to do the whole board in just two colors.

It was trickier than I thought it would be to make decent looking figures, but I think they came out OK.



But I miscalculated, which forced me to add the red tiles, which I think ended up making it look nicer in the end.

Only one game of chess was played on this board before I dismantled it. I played against a seven-year-old.



For the figures, I decided to try my hand at making sort of semi-traditional ones instead of the minifig based ones like in the LEGO idea book.

She tired of the game about halfway through and moved on to another activity. I think I was winning.



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