Headlight Patterns

Fun with '1x1 bricks with headlight'.

LEGO Tower

It's an 8'6" minifig scale skyscraper with a revolving restaurant on top. Please don't spit from the observation deck.

Red Beard's Home

Where do pirates go when they're not out looting and pillaging on the high seas?

Miniature Skyline

A "nanofig" scale city skyline featuring some whimsical architecture.


An academic effort to recreate the holy nativity scene as accurately as humanly possible.

The LEGO Colosseum

Take a trip back to ancient LEGO times to see a Roman-style colosseum complete with roaring crowds and plenty of gore.

Chess Set

Get this: a chess set - made entirely out of LEGO!

Wall of Heads

It's the album cover of my band's debut album:
here come the heads

Misc. Xmas Stuff

Snowmen, elf sweatshop, Santa's sleigh, etc...

Simple Customizations

Using an X-acto knife and Sharpie pen to yield more versatile minifig heads.


A picturesuqe town just waiting to be overrun by marauding hordes.

BrikWars, March 2002

Eleven teams.
One goal: pandemonium.

Church of Evil

Come. Worship. Sacrifice an animal or two. Have a time.

Space Pirates

When LEGO themes collide.


McDonalds, IKEA sign, statue, etc...

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