The Ultimate LEGO Vehicle Contest
ULV 4: 8 May 2004

Sean's vehicle
The Mazda 666 by Sean is like a tricycle sprung from the deepest, darkest depths of hell
(where those front headlights would come in awful handy).

Kathy's vehicle
Kathy's poignant Death to Jar Jar (a.k.a.The Jar Mahal) was easily this year's most explosive entry, requiring massive rebuilds between events (or when even the slightest wind blew), but what better sort of explosion is there than one that involves all the Jar Jar heads you see in this photo, plus all the ones secretly stashed into its piñata-like mid-section?

Brendan's vehicle
Hijacked by a mid-70s Sean Connery dressed only in a red loin cloth, and with a nasty habit of vomiting up rifles, Brendan's vehicle ZARDOZ had this to say before the competition began.

Kate's vehicle
Here is Kate's mailed-in entry into the contest, the Pipes of Power,
just before being retrofitted to include an angelic driver and an engine.

Any crappier vehicles? Why, yes...