The Ultimate LEGO Vehicle Contest
ULV 4: 8 May 2004

The optimal number of competing vehicles for the ULV Contest is 16, and while each year a hastily assembled "house car" or two have been used to achieve that number, this year a couple of last-minute scheduling conflicts required the use of an unprecedented four house cars.

House Car #1
Tossed together quickly by Sean, this post-apocalyptic tractor-looking debacle was named Betty.
For no reason.

House Car #2
Created by Kathy, and named after its driver, J.T. Hutt suffers from a bit
of a weight distribution problem. But hey, who doesn't?

House Car #3
Named after Kathy's parents' favorite Native American casino, Gambles With Wolves displays all the great qualities of a house car: super-crappy design, and no chance of winning.

House Car #4
This vehicle started out as Lucia's main vehicle, but was abandoned mid-build,
only to find life anew as a fourth house car.

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