Sunday, August 5th, 2001 - 5:58 pm PDT

Rev. Smith visited his doctor today for a routine brain washing. “I’m a pretty clean guy,” said Smith, “but there are always those hard-to-reach places which are best left to the experts.” The four hour procedure involved delicately removing the top of Smith’s skull, then using a powerful hose to wash away months of gummy dirt and buildup.”I feel 100% better,” noted Smith shortly afterward, “my head feels really clear now.” After doctors removed Smith’s brain and hand-scrubbed it, it was replaced and dried with high-powered air jets. His next appointment is scheduled for October.

Cure for summertime blues

Thursday, August 2nd, 2001 - 2:05 pm PDT

Though most of the US is suffering through one of the worst heatwaves on record, there is now reason to cheer. After months of diligent laboratory work, Rev. Smith and a team of dedicated scientists have finally found a successful cure for the summertime blues. “For decades now a cure has eluded us,” said Smith at a press conference today, “and for years it seemed are efforts were in vain. But just last week we finally stumbled upon it. As it turns out, the cure for the summertime blues is penicillin.”

Pot luck dinner turns into tragedy

Monday, July 30th, 2001 - 1:30 am PDT

A pot luck dinner held Tuesday night to benefit Children with Dead Parents quickly went awry when attendee Rev. Smith’s evil twin Nadnerb unexpectedly showed up, challenging Smith to naked limbo contest. When it was revealed that Smith had surreptitiously won the contest by burrowing several feet into the ground, all hell broke loose, and in the resultant 17-car pile up, several monkeys were injured.

Not paying attention again

Thursday, July 26th, 2001 - 12:47 pm PDT

Rev. Smith has just revealed that for the past twenty minutes or so he has been “kind of off in [his] own little world” and “not really paying much attention”. He apologizes, and asks that if anybody said anything particularly worthwhile or interesting during that time, that they please repeat themselves, or at least perhaps summarize their main points, now that you have his full undivided attention.

BRAD: the game 3-D

Wednesday, July 18th, 2001 - 4:25 pm PDT

QuasarSoft announced today their plans to develop a state-of-the-art 3-D video game based on Rev. Smith’s phenomenally popular BRAD: the game. Tentatively titled Quest for Pants, the game will feature all the beloved characters from the classic text-based game, “except now they will move around on your computer screen,” explains lead programmer Michael Baer, “and you’ll be able to shoot them all dead.” The game is slated for a Fall 2004 release.

Code red

Tuesday, July 10th, 2001 - 7:38 pm PDT

A distraught President Bush put the US armed forces at full alert this evening and declared a Mountain Dew: Code Red emergency. Any vehicles or persons suspected of harboring containers of the new Mountain Dew: Code Red beverage product are to be immediately apprehended, and their soda shipped to Washington for further investigation by a team of specialists headed-up by the president himself.

Smith makes acceptance speech

Tuesday, July 10th, 2001 - 7:38 pm PDT

Rev. Smith made a brief acceptance speech today in which he thanked and paid homage to many close friends, relatives, and esteemed role models who have been of incalculable help, support, and inspiration to him over the years. “Without all of you, I would surely not be here today,” said Smith. He then promptly sat back down and continued eating lunch in front of the TV.

Swiss nuked

Saturday, July 7th, 2001 - 9:21 pm PDT

The United States launched a massive nuclear strike against Switzerland today, wiping out most of its population of just over 7 million, and leaving their country a wretched wasteland. Asked by an appalled UN council for the justification for such a brutal attack, president Bush responded, “they was frontin’.” He further urged that all nations of the world think about the fate of the Swiss before ever badmouthing the United States again.

America is #1, baby!

Wednesday, July 4th, 2001 - 5:05 pm PDT

The United States of America celebrated its independence today by issuing a proclamation of superiority to all other nations on earth, issuing an open challenge for any other country who thinks it’s got what it takes to go ahead and “step up to the plate”. “Our capitalist economy will consume you; our TV culture will subsume you; our military will doom you,” gloated president Bush. “Bring it on.”

Chivalry is not dead

Sunday, July 1st, 2001 - 11:37 pm PDT

Proving that the age-old, outdated, sexist notion of chivalry is not quite yet dead, The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith today gallantly threw down his jacket over a filthy puddle of mud so that his female companion could walk across it without dirtying her shoes. Smith then put his jacket back on and walked through the mud puddle himself before accompanying the woman to a fine French restaurant where they dined on fish eggs twenty-year-old wine.

Balls in your mouth

Thursday, June 28th, 2001 - 6:46 pm PDT

Pleased to discover the taste sensation he’d discovered in China now available in his own hometown, Rev. Smith stopped by a local café today and ordered a pearl milk tea. A combination of hot black tea and sweetened condensed milk, it is often served with lots of soft and gummy black tapioca balls, or “pearls”, which are sucked up with the tea through an extra-wide straw. “Yummy,” stated Smith.

Monday, June 25th, 2001 - 7:18 am PDT

An exhibition of Rev. Smith’s LEGO creations from the past year is now available online at Included here are such works as his famous 8 foot 6 inch LEGO Tower, and the recently completed LEGO Colosseum. The site is in no way sponsored, authorized, or endorsed by The LEGO Group®, which wholly condemns Rev. Smith™ and any use by him of their product.