Please, Eat at Arby’s

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 - 6:15 pm PST

Facing years of slumping sales and general public disdain, the Arby’s fast food chain has yet again contracted  The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith to spearhead a new direction in advertising in hopes of keeping the company afloat.  Smith’s brainchild is the plaintive, simple slogan “Please, Eat at Arby’s” now seen on billboards and bus stations across country.  Striking a far more conciliatory and humble tone than his previous work for the company, Smith says he spent time “feeling up America” to see what approach would work best. “Let’s be honest: people don’t like Arby’s anymore,” said Smith, “maybe they never did. But I think one thing people can appreciate is an unpretentious plea for help from a company in need.”