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Smith can’t wait to see new horror movie Droid

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

After being “scared shitless” by the online trailer for Droid, Rev. Smith says he can’t wait to see the movie.  ”It looks really good,” said Smith, “I’m pretty into sci-fi horror.”  Sources report last night Smith spent 45 minutes looking around on the web for more info about the movie and called several local theaters asking when he can buy tickets.  ”I don’t even know who’s starring.  There’s no listing on IMDB for it, and nothing on Ain’t It Cool News.  They’re doing a good job keeping this thing shrouded in mystery for now, just building up word-of-mouth,” observed Smith.  ”At the end of that ad it just says ‘November’.  Maybe I’ll go see it on Thanksgiving weekend,” said Smith.  ”Or, knowing me, I’ll probably just wait and download it on iTunes and watch it on my iPhone.”