The Brick Testament - When God Attacks

Thursday, April 23rd, 2009 - 8:45 am PDT

There’s a popular notion that the Bible gives us two starkly different portrayals of God. There’s the Old Testament God who often directly intervenes in human affairs to bestow favor on particular races, drown people, kill babies, command genocide, or torture people with snakes, and then there’s the New Testament God who seems remote and aloof, and whose son espouses a surprisingly loving, forgiving ethic.  But those who read the New Testament carefully know that Jesus drops more than a few hints that God has hardly lost his appetite for destruction, and is instead saving it up for one final gory feast. The Old Testament God, Yahweh, returns to form in the Bible’s final book, Revelation, and in today’s four new illustrated stories we begin to see what sort of plan for humanity ol’ Yahweh has been scheming up during his “quiet years”.