President-elect Barack Obama: most votes ever

Thursday, November 6th, 2008 - 4:13 pm PST

Barack Obama made history on Tuesday, becoming the most popular president-elect in US history when over 66.8 million Americans cast their ballots for him to become the next commander-in-chief of the United States of America. To put that number in perspective, that’s more than all the votes won by historic presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and John F. Kennedy combined. In fact, a whopping 5,000 times as many Americans voted for Obama than for the so-called “father of our country” George Washington, and Obama racked up 16 times the number of votes won by Lincoln, who is thought of by many as America’s greatest president. Or put another way, Obama got 1% more votes than George W. Bush did in 2004.