The Brick Testament: David’s Psalm of Victory

Friday, April 11th, 2008 - 8:33 pm PDT

The Brick Testament celebrates its 350th illustrated Bible story this week with the addition of an illustrated psalm that brings the King David section of the website to a fittingly dramatic conclusion. Certainly David is about the mainest of main characters in The Bible. His name appears 895 times–second only to Jesus (942 times) and Yahweh himself (5,787 times)–and the telling of his long, remarkable career stretches across four books. Hope you’ve enjoyed The Brick Testament’s visualization of that life, as David journeyed from precocious decapitator, to corpse foreskin collector, to slaughterer of women and children, to royal polygamist, to ethnic cleanser, to ineffectual father, and finally to enfeebled old man.