People still having children

Saturday, January 5th, 2008 - 11:18 am PST

In a showcase of extreme selfishness and blithe disregard for the suffering of other human beings, people all around the world continue to have children. Both in the world’s most developed countries where each new child will use up far more than its share of global resources in an epic and ultimately doomed Tragedy of the Commons, and in the least developed nations where children are likely to be born into lives of grinding poverty and malnutrition, parents show little or no signs of guilt or remorse for the strain each new child puts on the human race as a whole. Perversely, most new parents are shamelessly self-congratulatory and wastefully lavish resources on their new offspring while billions of other fellow already-living, already-struggling human beings bear the brunt of their callouses, self-absorbed behavior.