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The Brick Testament reActs

Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Taking a brief detour from the continuing story of King Saul and David, The Brick Testament is completely revamping its presentation of the New Testament’s Acts of the Apostles. Fourteen newly illustrated stories have been added to the website. So come on over and discover Judas the betrayer’s other fate, learn about the early apostles’ hardline communism, witness an angel bust some guys out of prison twice, meet a magician called Son of Jesus, and stick around for a couple of stonings and multiple beheadings. It’s all in the good book.

Scientists: AIDS caused by demon-possession

Friday, March 16th, 2007

Hope was raised this week that the world’s 38.6 million AIDS sufferers might be cured now that scientists have found that the disease, long thought to be a medical condition, is actually caused by demon possession. Researchers made the breakthrough after a close examination of scripture revealed that Jesus himself had shown that many seemingly severe medical conditions were actually caused by demons and were instantly cured upon exorcism. Scientists are now studying the techniques used by Jesus and his early followers, hoping to harness the same power to cure the sick. In the meantime they are urging all AIDS patients to get baptized, proclaim Jesus Christ as their personal savior, and avoid food sacrificed to idols.

The Brick Testament invades Denmark

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

Not just one, but two books from the Brick Testament series have just been released in Denmark in a Danish translation created by publisher Forlaget Vandkunsten. The country that is home to the LEGO company itself will now have its very own version of The Brick Testament: The Ten Commandments (known in Danish as De Ti Bud) and The Brick Testament: The Story of Christmas (or Juleevangeliet). This marks the fifth language in which Brick Testament books have now been made available. A closer look at the Brick Testament books from around the world can be found here.

Special needs student seen as ‘retarded Einstein’

Monday, March 5th, 2007

14-year old special needs student Frankie Morrison of Spokane, WA, is being hailed by some as a “retarded Einstein”. Recent tests have put Morrison’s IQ at 101, some 30-50 points higher than most learning disabled students his age, and in fact slightly higher than the average American adult’s score. Though some have suggested Morrison’s test scores demonstrate that he is not mentally challenged at all and should be placed in regular classes, Morrison’s special needs teacher Elaine Wilkins vehemently disagrees. “No,” she says,”Frankie is special. He’s a retarded Einstein.”