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Moon still there

Wednesday, June 14th, 2006

According to astronomer’s, the Earth’s moon is still there. Although it has not been visited by humans in more than 30 years, and is often taken for granted or even forgotten about completely, scientists say that the moon “is still up there, you know, just doing it’s thing, revolving around the Earth, affecting the tides, getting hit by meteorites, your basic average moon stuff.”

The Brick Testament: a passion for Jesus

Friday, June 9th, 2006

The Brick Testament website has been updated today with seven new stories chronicling the events of Jesus of Nazareth’s last days on Earth. After leading a ritual act of cannibalism and engaging in some naked group foot-washing at The Last Supper, Jesus is arrested for blasphemy under Jewish law, and sentenced to be executed. Will God intervene to save his only beloved son from a torturous and ignoble death? Find out!

Scissor used to create pant

Saturday, June 3rd, 2006

Experimental linguists set out to boldly defy the rules of the English language this week, using a single tweezer to take apart a set of pliers. A resultant single plier was then used to separate a pair of scissors, and a single scissor was then used to cut a pair of pants from crotch to waist, creating two instances of a single pant. Further use of the scissor was employed to cut the pant just above the knee, resulting in a short. Head linguist Graham R. Stickler donned the short, but in doing so, broke the shades he had left in the back pocket, leaving him with only a single working sunglass.