Decade remains inexplicably unnamed

Tuesday, January 25th, 2005 - 4:12 am PST

Halfway into the first ten years of the new millennium, experts remain baffled by the current decade’s lack of a nickname. “We knew there would be a transition period where competing nicknames like the Zeroes, the Naughts, or the Aughts, or would battle it out before one firmly took hold, but no one expected that period to last half a decade or more,” said chronologist Martin DeWitt. “Moreover, pop culture for each new decade defines itself first and foremost by making fun of the decade that came immediately before it–hence sitcom characters saying things such as, ‘C’mon, man, this is the 80s.’ But with a lack of a collective name for the current decade, we find a much more fluid spilling over of late 1990s culture into this decade, prompting some to label 2000-2005 as “the latter 90s”.