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Decade remains inexplicably unnamed

Tuesday, January 25th, 2005

Halfway into the first ten years of the new millennium, experts remain baffled by the current decade’s lack of a nickname. “We knew there would be a transition period where competing nicknames like the Zeroes, the Naughts, or the Aughts, or would battle it out before one firmly took hold, but no one expected that period to last half a decade or more,” said chronologist Martin DeWitt. “Moreover, pop culture for each new decade defines itself first and foremost by making fun of the decade that came immediately before it–hence sitcom characters saying things such as, ‘C’mon, man, this is the 80s.’ But with a lack of a collective name for the current decade, we find a much more fluid spilling over of late 1990s culture into this decade, prompting some to label 2000-2005 as “the latter 90s”.

New book for 2005: The Ten Commandments

Wednesday, January 12th, 2005

Happy New Year! And with the arrival of a new year comes the arrival of a brand new book The Brick Testament: The Ten Commandments. Retelling the epic saga of Moses and the Israelites from their desperate slavery in Egypt to the climactic encounter with God on Mount Sinai and all the miracles and plagues in between, The Ten Commandments takes its place as the true sequel to Smith’s hit book Stories from the Book of Genesis. Featuring more than 200 photos and 176 pages, this book is a must have for any fans of The Brick Testament, LEGO bricks, or divine retribution.

Vendetta DVD giveaway update

Monday, January 3rd, 2005

Due to the sudden enormous demand for the free DVD copy of Vendetta: A Christmas Story (starring our own Rev. Brendan Powell Smith), we’ve had to slightly alter the terms of the giveaway to makes things a little more manageable (please keep in mind that this is just one guy burning, packaging, and mailing these things out at his own expense!). From now on, to get a free DVD of Vendetta, you must send in self-addressed envelope big enough for a DVD with sufficient postage (three 37 cents stamps will cover the $1.10 post). Please visit the Vendetta website front page for full details. While we highly recommend the DVD for maximum viewing pleasure, the Quicktime website versions are also always available and free to all. Enjoy!!