Campaign rhetoric heats up

Wednesday, October 20th, 2004 - 8:14 pm PDT

With just thirteen days to go before the election, rivals George W. Bush and John Kerry are ratcheting up their campaign rhetoric. “My opponent,” said Bush at rally in New Mexico on Sunday, “is a weak-willed coward. What we in Texas would call a ‘pansy’,” while Kerry told voters in Ohio, “The president has completely fucked-over the middle class. He knows it, and he’s laughing about it.” Bush, in Pennsylvania announced this morning, “Look, you are either against the terrorists or you’re with them. Do you really want to put a terrorist in the White House?” Kerry responded at a rally in Florida, “George W. Bush is an asshole, and everyone knows it. And he’s smug about it, too. He’s a smug asshole.”