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Europe reacts to Brick Testament book

Thursday, September 30th, 2004

Several new articles and reviews have been added to The Brick Testament’s press page, accompanying the release of Das 1. Buch L., the German language translation of Rev. Smith’s hit book Stories from the Book of Genesis. Magazines and newspapers such as Süddeutsche Zeitung, Abendzeitung, Katholische Nachrichten-Agentur GmbH, Annabelle, and Focus witness a wide range of reactions, from a call to burn Rev. Smith at the stake for his blasphemy in the Stuttgarter Zeitung to the highest of praise from the Katholische Nachrichten-Agentur (Catholic News Agency). The UK’s .net magazine also recently featured a short interview with “The Brains Behind” The Brick Testament.

McDonalds introduces the HamBurger™

Tuesday, September 21st, 2004

Looking for a way to distinguish itself from competitors and stay ahead of the game in the fast-food industry, McDonalds yesterday announced the introduction of a new menu item: a sandwich product it has dubbed the HamBurger™. “No national quick-service restaurant has ever served up something quite like this,” said McDonalds spokesperson Arthur Shapp. A $20 million ad campaign will be rolling out in coming weeks to promote the exotic new sandwich which contains no beef or chicken products, but instead uses ham, a pork product. “It’s a pretty wild concept, we admit,” said Shapp, “but to get your mind around it, try this thought experiment: imagine a regular hamburger, but with ham. That’s a HamBurger™.” Stock in the McDonalds corporation has plummeted since yesterday’s announcement.

“Landing strip” dubbed Pubic Fashion of the Year

Sunday, September 5th, 2004

Carpet & Curtains magazine has named the “landing strip” the 2004 Pubic Fashion of the Year for women and girls. “It was a very tight race again this year between the strip and the full shave,” said C&C magazine editor-in-chief Maxine Nevins. “Although you might see the full shave celebrated more in the media these days, we believe that regular working-class women of this country are sticking with the refined elegance of neatly trimmed one to one-and-a-half inch vertical line of hair covering their pubis.” Pubic hairstyling, like most fashion trends, notes Nevins, are pendulous in nature. She predicts that the “full bush” look, popular in the 60s and 70s will be back in style by 2012.