Texas to reinstate crucifixions

Wednesday, August 11th, 2004 - 2:12 pm PDT

A longtime pioneer in the use of the death penalty, the state of Texas will soon be taking the further step of using public crucifixions as a means of capitol punishment. In a landslide 168-to-1 vote, the Texas state legislature approved the bill which was signed into law by Gov. Rick Perry. In a quick follow-up 168-to-1 vote it was further decided that the first person to suffer death on the cross would be Sen. Gonzalo Barrientos, who had cast the single vote against the use of crucifixion and also against his own crucifixion. “Though it will be sad to see him go,” said Gov. Perry in a prepared statement, “Sen. Barrientos should feel much honor in returning to his Maker in the same manner as our Lord Jesus Christ, some 2,000 year ago.”