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Christmas 1999: The Best Christmas Ever

Monday, December 27th, 1999

After two days during which Rev. Smith has given the matter much solemn thought, he has officially declared Christmas 1999 to be “the best Christmas ever”. “For generations to come, we can expect Christmases to achieve much greatness, but for all time, we and our decenants shall look back on Christmas 1999 as the best Christmas ever,” said Smith in a grave and measured tone.

VENDETTA on French TV / website

Tuesday, December 21st, 1999

The people of France have taken a liking to VENDETTA: A Christmas Story, featuring it on a TV show, and listing it on JTNET, calling it “not to be missed under any pretext”.  Rev. Smith, who stars in the movie, has enjoyed a large French following ever since his days with international pop superstars GOF UGNÜT.

Servers back online

Monday, December 20th, 1999

Both web servers hosting VENDETTA: A Christmas Story are now back online after yesterday’s flood of traffic that temporarily overloaded the host computers. In addition to the official site and, you can now also find this wonderful video at the Internet Film Community. Enjoy!

VENDETTA crashing servers left and right

Sunday, December 19th, 1999

The immense popularity of VENDETTA: A Christmas Story has caused it’s two main host severs to overload and shutdown. Both it’s main homepage and it’s page at are temporarily down as new mirror sites are being sought out. Don’t miss this classic holiday video — if you can find it!

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Monday, December 13th, 1999

Having a Christmas party?  Don’t forget to serve your guests the delicious holiday treat: eggnog!  Creamy and smooth, it’s sure to bring cheer to any winter get-together with family and friends. Sprinkle a little nutmeg on top, and you’ve got yourself a fine yuletide beverage indeed.  Mmmm… eggnog!

Smith to play North Pole on Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 8th, 1999

The Rev. Brendan Powell Smith will headline a Christmas Eve musical and spoken word performance at the North Pole as a send off for Santa’s last magical round-the-world trip of the millennium.  Smith and Claus are old friends, having first met at a drug rehab in 1986.  Also on the bill is Smith’s father Bob Smith’s freshly-reunited cult favorites The Electric Earwax.

VENDETTA: A Christmas Story

Friday, December 3rd, 1999

The new holiday classic TV special, VENDETTA: A Christmas Story, is now available in Quicktime format on the web!  This explosive action-packed thriller stars none other than our own Rev. Brendan Powell Smith, and has been hailed by those who have seen it as “fucking awesome”.  Find it here!