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Guest appearance on WB’s Felicity

Wednesday, September 29th, 1999

Rev. Smith will have a very brief guest appearance on an episode of the WB’s Felicity to be broadcast sometime this season.  In the episode, Smith plays Strickland Fozworth III, an uppity Teacher’s Assistant in Felicity’s medieval literature class who wrongly accuses Felicity of cheating.  This mark’s Smith’s first foray into acting since he starred in Vendetta: a Christmas Story.

Mmmmmmm… fondue

Friday, September 24th, 1999

The pleasures of a steaming pot of swiss cheese fondue were discovered last night by Rev. Smith as he dined with friends at the Chateau Amalaine in Bonn, Switzerland. “Holy %#&!, that tastes good,” Smith was heard to say under his breath as he dipped such items as french bread, fresh mushrooms, and slices of apple into the delicious melted cheese before consuming them.